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How to install and setup GSigns on Spigot

What is GSigns?

GSigns is a minecraft plugin which allows to easily put any image and any GIF into item frames using a fast and leightweight system. It handles the generation and display of maps, keeps track of the entire map data, is fully open source and has an easy-to-use API.

How does it work?

If a spigot server with GSigns installed is started, the plugin automatically searches for all your vanilla maps and marks their IDs as reserved. It dynamically uses the rest of the available IDs to send map data to your players. When it eventually comes to sending the image data to the players, it only needs to send it once. Afterwards the plugin tells the client which of the previously received images should be displayed. This leads to an enormous performance increase, which is usually about 30 times faster than sending the data repeatedly. When your server restarts, your images and gifs are not lost, because every sign is saved with a special format that was invented exclusively for this plugin. The compression of this format allows lightning fast loading and saving and only requires a small amount of space on the hard disk.

Install GSigns in seconds

Installing GSigns is a fairly straight forward process: drop the GSigns.jar into your /plugins/ folder and restart your server.

GSigns has been tested with Spigot and PaperSpigot 1.16+

That's it. No further dependencies or plugins are required.

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