How to integrate your plugin with GSigns

Add GSigns to your plugin

In order to use the GSigns API, you need to add the jar-file to your classpath. The latest release can be downloaded from the official github repo: git.io/gsigns-api

Don't forget to include GSigns in your plugin.yml:

depend: [GSigns]

Examples of use

Implementing GSigns is quite simple. It requires getting the GSigns-API service from the Bukkit ServiceManager.

// Returns whether the GSigns-API could be found
private boolean setupGSignsAPI() {
    if(getServer().getPluginManager().getPlugin("GSigns") == null) {
    		return false;
    RegisteredServiceProvider<GSignsAPI> rsp = getServer().getServicesManager().getRegistration(GSignsAPI.class);
    if(rsp == null) {
				return false;
		gSignsAPI = rsp.getProvider(); // Save the instance of the public API
		return gSignsAPI != null;

Create a sign from a code

signUid = gSignsAPI.createSign(code, location1, location2); // where code is a String

Create a sign from an Order object

signUid = gSignsAPI.createSign(order, location1, location2); // where order is an Object from type Order

Remove a sign

gSignsAPI.removeSign(signUid); // where signUid is a previously received UUID object

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